Final Evaulation

Cara-Phillipa Hearne

ADZ6888- Field Module; Exhibition

Final Evaluation & Reflection on self set brief. 

The last four years of university have flown by, I am expected to graduate in a months time and the feeling is surreal! I originally started off with a differed year for product design however when I briefly done a taster of it within foundation year, I felt more passionate towards textiles design and ended up specializing it in and re apply to study textiles within the same university Cardiff Metropolitan.

I have learnt so many different skills which I will carry with me even after graduation. Screen printing, digital designing,adobe software, portfolio development and generally to have confidence about your work as its what you have worked hard on and developed! This took me a little longer than the rest!

For my final project, a self set brief was asked of us, after through research. I set my heart on basing my project on architectural design, I have a passion for capturing a buildings structure or the abstract forms it can create when capture through a lens. In second year we visited Morocco and after stepping of the planeI was immediately captured with the airports structure and drew it straight away when we got back to our hotel so I was determined to bring back that excitement I felt whilst in that vibrant city for this module and based it on my memories from that trip, which is how I named my collection ‘Moroccan Memories’. A little cheesy but its personal and very fitting!

Through research via print & pattern books for geometrics, pinterest and WGSN I decided to based my collection for home-ware and interior design. Whilst I am not personally not interested in fashion based design it its important to be open to all ideas in the initial research stage. Through thorough development I determined that I wanted a clear style throughout, clean cut, minimal within a contemporary style. A few designers, to name a few examples; Kitty McCall who abstracts block colours or geometric shapes, blink blink who emphasis on mark making creating intricate pattern work for a range of products within stationary.

The overall aim of this self-set project was to create a collection visually inspired by the vibrant city of Marrakesh. With the use of a Spring/Summer colour palette inspired from a WGSN trend of soft pops. The direction in which I wanted my collection to be based from was a new technique and process for myself; contemporary design. Using block colour and flat shapes combined with hand drawn, heat transfer and water colour designs I have created a vibrant collection consisting of three families, Pastel Silhouettes, Tiled Visions and Vivid Geometrics. The collection is aimed at female market within interior design specifically living room interiors however due to the style of my collection it could also be marketed for other areas such as fashion accessories or women’s wear.

Family one; Pastel Silhouettes

Comes from within the city, through my visual inspiration sketchbook, I have truly captured the beauty within. For my designs the process was about how I could take a fraction of that vibrant colour away to transform and manipulate it to fit within architectural design. Using my spring/summer colour palette from WGSN trend I used motifs to represent a spring collection.

Family two; Tiled Visions

Is based on the tiled mosaics which can be found everywhere within Marrakesh, this particular collection has a more hand drawn approach to the way I have designed it.  The reason for this is because of the way they would have traditionally created the tiles with the tools that they used.  I particularly like this effect because using an outline around a motif can distract the viewer from the design by removing the ‘said’ outline you are immediately focused on the design.

Family three;

Vivid Geometrics is based solely on the geometric pattern found around Marrakesh, the designs have more of a crisp edge compared to the other two family. The colours are bolder and I have manipulated tissue paper designs to create them, the texture it forms over layering one another is both visually pleasing and intricate too. My one sketchbook is purely for that, experimentation side as compared to the others where I have used fine liner or water colours. The tissues paper was both an interesting technique and a unique way to abstract the designs digitally as at a first glance one might not know what texture is used within the pattern, which I find exciting to try and decipher.

My strengths and weakness.

Throughout this project my direct was a little undetermined within the initial stages of the project after visiting Chelsea design week and my target market shop; designers guild I began to feel ‘more into it’, with what path I was taking. For myself my own weakness was how and why I wanted to make my collection different to whats on the market today and I was doing it that way. I feel my contemporary style is a push which I needed as my previous work has always been linear and very fine detail. A fine art field module within the second year helped me have more confidence within my work. If an idea isn’t working I would normally bin it and start again however I have included these as they show development and initial thought processes even if they are irrelevant at the end. Being more free with a blank sketchbook and just designing from my visual inspiration has been a fun and creative process which I hope to continue with the future.

Overall direction of my design is digitally developed designs which can be found in my design development sketchbook, I decided to based my collection digitally as to fit in with my contemporary style throughout, due to Marrakesh being a heavily traditionally city not only within skills but culture and history, I wanted to design in contrast to that so moving away from the hand skills such as screen printing and hand embroidery has worked extremely well for myself as I have created intricate and manipulated pattern designs digitally via illustrator and Photoshop.

If I had to learn from anything it would be to make sure you attend every opportunity given to you! so much resourceful information is out there to grasp and take hold! the first step is getting out there which is what my next step is New designers after graduation. Full of exciting new designers and opportunities to talk to businesses all ready doing what I am passionate about.

CAD VISUALS, living room furniture


I do not wish to post my final collection via my blog until the exhibtion is up and running! however here are some visuals I have successfully created of my designs put onto living room furnishings; sofa’s and chairs. By doing visuals like this instead of making the products, it an easy and quick way to show clients how the designs may look, what they like/dont and how you can improve without spending cost before the final production.



My first Curve Ball

bold shape grey backgournd orange backgrounds

Design ideas…

After talking to my tutors about my initial ideas these motifs are too opposite to what I am trying to represent. The orange tiles pattern is particularly distracting with the black outlines, I created both patterns on illustrator however I think the selected colours and use of flat colour do not work here. Further development and back to sketchbook is needed

Theme, Target Market and Colour Boards

theme boardtarget market and client baord

Here are my final boards to represent my ideas and concept for my project which will also help to explain myself within my weekly tutorials.

My theme board consists of an architectural background alongside a mosk from within Morocco, I have then selected tiles or designers work inspired by eastern culture within a contemporary style as I it to be fresh and modern (opposite of Morocco!)

My target market is designed at females aged 25-40+. Primarily a customer who would appreciate the designs for a living room interior. The board consists of a mixture of imagery from within morocco again with the theme of contemporary. I have selected artist wallpaper and interier wear who represent this. The contrast between both is visually pleasing and unique as both as opposites.

Pastels and Pops of colour

Visual Inspiration, A collection of imagery gathered from within the City of Marrakesh

from soft pops of colour to the vibrant brown tones which can been seen throughout Morocco. Playing emphasis on the geometric side of the architecture and close up texture has to offer. My key interest lye within architectural design, manipulating and transforming a source of inspiration to something completely different to the original motif is something I would like my designs and motifs to represent.

I have chosen these particular images as they do not represent traditional Moroccan art which is heavily representations and quite traditional within the cooour aspect. I would like a contemporary style throughout my work so further research from trend boards and existing designers is needed. imageimage image image image image image image

Pdp, Overall Reflection and Dissertation Review

The last three years of university have flown by which is funny as my lecturers and other students who were previously in this position told me I never believed them. In less than five months the journey through university will be finished, which is a exciting but a scary thought!

Overall when I think back to my first and second year they seemed hard at the time but in a way prepared you for what’s to come. Whilst in the first year we had to write a 2,500 essay for constellations and I remember at the time being worried as I never written in an academic style before and the word count seemed big but looking back it was easy compared to my dissertation.

Leading up to my final year I have always been daunted by the fact we had to write a dissertation minimum is usually 8,000 to 10,000. Personally writing has always been a weakness of mine as I feel it takes me longer to understand academic subjects in comparison to my practical studies as its usual sketchbooks which is then just reflective writing.

Dissertations tutorials were every two weeks and some weeks  were more successful than others in relation to research but my tutor was encouraging and always made sure I left with notes to work and develop from. My tutor suggested instead of looking at it as one big piece of writing divide it up into small sections and concentrate on them individually. This thoroughly helped me as when I thought of the word count I felt it would be physically impossible to achieve before starting! I chose the option of thesis, as whilst in an art and design course the writing is normally analysing your own work so this concept was new to me.

My dissertation was based on How psychological and social factors have an impact within inter design. The chosen topic was out of interest as to why individuals chose colour and react to it differently especially within different interiors (home, workplace, social environment) as I always thought it was down to preference but I knew there was more to it. I wanted my research to be investigate how emotions are associated with colour and why positive and negative connotations are associated with them and finally how these factors influence (or not if that’s the case) within interior design be it home or workplace. My first point to do was cite out previous movements, theorist that had studied colour theory and psychological behaviour towards colour.

It took me a long time to sit down and actually write as every time I attempted I just felt like it was unachievable. I admit I left it till the point where I had to just get on with it as the deadline was approaching and I knew I had to give myself time for re editing or anything unplanned!

After our original dissertation proposals the feedback was overall positive however I hadn’t picked a one primary focus I had lots of sub focuses going on and needed to narrow it down to make one conclusion point or investigation. That I could do fine as by this point I had gathered and research enough to do so however another point made was my writing style I was too descriptive. So I knew I had to make sure I had explained everything more in depth, comparing and critiquing concepts and theories against one another and why it was important to the investigation I was looking into. Do ”Psychological and Social factors influence one within interior design”

I found a few books of interest from the Library on colour; in particular Colour Studies by Edith Anderson Feisner and The beginner’s guide to colour psychology by Angela Wright which kick started my research. Without personal investigation to compared and analyse if emotions associated to colour affect the way we perceive a room I found two journals from our on-line library a great source of research with interesting results.

In hindsight I am glad I chose the topic, from the research discovered it can be put back into my subject area to help greatly, colour is fundamentally for a textile designer, it acts as a message to the person observing it and evokes personal emotion in relation to particular colours. Our final piece of work will be set up with an interior space so the colour and the way in which I display the final work will all be important factor as together they need to complement one another.

Overall my final year so far has been a major step up from year one and two, The quality of work is higher which is why I aim to push myself greatly for my final year. I was nervous to begin with due to the demand of work  so I know  time management will be an on going improvement, although I do think I work better close to the deadline date, it would be less stressful and any unplanned circumstance could be solved with plenty of time. I found it hard personally balancing practical work and theory, throughout the ongoing of my dissertation I felt I rejected my subject studies in comparisons due to the demand of the dissertation which is something I wasn’t too pleased about.

My goal for my final major project is to have weekly targets set on a personal timetable to hit likewise within my dissertation as I found this helped me greatly rather than having a day to day goal I was unlikely to stick too, research well in advance to make sure that ideas are focused/narrowed down.I personally find myself leaving all the small details such as a visual folders of inspiration or samples of work to be mounted to the end of the project as its not a big task but in fact by doing this it all builds up so making sure I do the work day by day, week to week ensure I will not be in this position.

Final Presentation

After presenting our final design ideas, a new product development to international greetings and our tutors, a lot of feedback was given. I initially had the envelope bigger to fit the twine that would wrap around the cards but after the feedback and the cost efficiency I will not be using the twine to hold the cards down instead the clear slip, that holds the card and envelope in will essentially hold it all together.
I have also been advised to experiment more within my patterns as they were a little basic and simple with only one motif where as cards, gift wrap etc, can have up to six.
This means editing, experimenting and re printing out my cards before the deadline next week. So time efficiency is vital.